About Me

As a software developer with previous experience in emergency medicine, I quickly realized I am drawn to jobs that require on-the-fly problem-solving.

Additionally, from an early age, I have favored hobbies involving technology and the use of my hands, whether it was figuring out how to build my first computer or soldering new parts onto my drone. After nearly contact years of working on an ambulance, I decided to pursue my interest in technology beyond my hobbies and transition into working as a software developer.

This lead me to the coding bootcamp Actualize where I was able to expand on my knowledge, as well as reaffirm my passion for coding. Today I believe the same things that benefited me in the emergency medicine field will directly correlate with my practice in coding.

In my previous employment, I was constantly tasked with prioritizing needs to best fit the situation, a skill I can directly transfer to coding. Working on an ambulance requires synergy and collaboration between team members and I look to bring those same skills to a development team.


My Projects


Quadly is a webapp designed to help drone pilots determine if the current weather is good for flying. It checks important conditions such as visibility and wind speed then informs the user if current conditions are good for flying. As well as a feature to quickly check if you are witihn five miles of an airport.